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About Qlear IQ Qlear IQとは

Creativity is  just connecting things.

Steve Jobs
Qlear IQ is a multicultural company that offers consulting, development, and support in Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle and hybrid solutions. We leverage our years of experience, creativity, and passion to provide unique value and service capabilities, and business opportunities.
Qlear IQは、テクノロジー・エンターテイメント・ライフスタイルの分野を縦断し、コンサルティングやウェブ開発、実務サポートを提供する多国籍企業です。
In Technology, we offer cloud, mobile, and web solutions. In Entertainment, we are the partners you need for Media Production, Event Execution, and Artist Engagement. In Lifestyle, we focus on personal and community development programs and experiences for children, Adults, and Seniors.

Qlear: IT

Technology Partner, CTO, Developer Services


Cloud, Mobile, Web, UI/UX, Social
クラウド、モバイル、ウェブ、UI / UX、ソーシャル


If you don't move your feet, then we don't eat!
-Andre 3000

Media & Event production, Artist Engagement


Personal/Community Development


Personal Growth and Support Services



If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.

Marc Benioff
Today the cloud represents your hardware digitally. Now your hardware can exist as software for you and hardware only for Cloud Providers. Navigating and Utilizing cloud for needs can offer some great cost savings, but can be challenging to navigate, build or grow to your changing needs. We can build this for you, or you can make use of environments that we have already.
今日では、クラウドはデジタル化されたあなたのハードウェアとして存在しています。クラウドをニーズごとに活用すれば、経済的にも大きなメリットがありますが、変化し続けるニーズに応じてクラウドシステムを最適化するのは、非常に困難です。そこで、我々Qlear IQの出番です。我々はクラウドシステムをゼロから構築することもできますし、我々がすでに有しているクラウドシステムを利用して頂くことも可能です。
Cloud solutions can offer you a very flexible way to not only run your business, but it can also give you a great way to test, prototype, or demo you business cheaper, faster, and within process that fit your business goals.

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.

Calvin Coolidge
The world of mobile devices, consulting, and development is rapidly changing, creating many challenges and opportunities. The many technology choices of backend and front end development is exploding with choices of native applications, HTML5 solutions, or hybrid platform that can offer expedited development and unique business value.
We focus on IOS and Android development as a key component of internal and client requested development. Let our years of experience, creativity, and passion assist your next project.

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr provide an unparalleled ability for people to stay connected in new and unique ways.

Michael Bennet
The World Wide Web has set the groundwork for the Information Age that has evolved to the Social Age that we now live in. Being able to provide a simple web page for companies, organizations, or personal insight are no longer a luxury, but it has become necessary. A website is just the basics of personal and corporate presence in our Internet connected, augmented, and empowered lives.
Wether you need a simple brochure site or a complicated e-commerce solution, the tools to make effective sites have never been so useful. You have your choices of turnkey Content Management Systems such as Drupal or Wordpress can provide the basis of a system you can manage yourself. Or web frameworks in different languages can be used to build something more custom and tailored to your goals.

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs
The ability to capture what we want others to feel through a combination of shapes, colors, and context is a defining mission. The way your application, or service looks, behaves, and blends in with lives are an important to its effectiveness and success.
We offer consultation, conceptual, and turnkey designs for logos, product illustration, animation, visual elements, as well as print and digital marketing assets. You can just ask for assets or have us manage it all for you.
我々はコンサルテーションやコンセプトの構築、商品やサービスのデザイン全般、さらには紙媒体やデジタルマーケティングの材料に至るまで、幅広いソリューションを提供します。特定のデザインから、UI / UX全般のマネジメントに至るまで、どんなことでも対応します。

There is a huge need and a huge opportunity to get everyone in the world connected, to give everyone a voice and to help transform society for the future.

Mark Zuckerberg
The Social Age has transformed how we connect and what we share. It has changed the where and the way we are able to interact and engage others. Finding out whats the best platform for personal or business goals can be difficult as there are many solution readily available. You can use Facebook to reach the 28+ crowd, Instagram for 18+, or LinkedIn for your business professionals, or Yelp to market your food establishment; you could even build your own!
We have the resources to see you through these hurdles. Let us design your next social campaign, your next social branding efforts, or product launch. We can even localize existing projects into and from: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.



Media Production


a Live, Digital, & Mixed media department focused around conceptualization, pre thru post production, marketing, and sales of TV, Film, Commercials, theater, and live events.

Event Planning


We provide on location entertainment consultation, planning, execution and support. We specialize in integrating these types of events with our portfolio of Artist and Talent relationships.

Artist Engagement


A closed and exclusive talent representation services in the areas of music video, television, film, theater, focused around digital and print advertising, booking, development, and entertainment projects.

Brand Promotion


We provide visibility and marketing objectives for brands. This can be event and media sponsorship, marketing injection, Print and Digital, and existing marketing localization in English, Japanese, Chinese, and S. Korean.

Marketing Integration


We provide support for Brand and Artist campaign packaging. Combining efforts for a lasting Customer Engagement, Artist Endorsement, and Performances, we offer clients and partners a means to deliver long lasting, turnkey marketing and advertising opportunity.

**Event Investment**


Coming Soon! A way to connect to financial supporters for events, performances,and appearances.
投資家の皆様に、イベントスポンサーとして利益を上げる機会を提供します。Coming soon!



Personal & Community Development

パーソナルプログラム & コミュニティ構築

The growth of you and our community is an important focus for us. We create, support, and maintain programs aimed at improving people in the families,businesses, communities that are dear to our hearts. あなた自身や、あなたのコミュニティの成長を、我々がサポートします。プログラムの構想・実行からコミュニティの構築を、子供からシニアまで幅広い年齢層の人々に提供します

1. Vocation & Sports

1. 職業プログラム & スポーツプログラム

2. Events & Retail

2. イベント & 小売

3. Consulting & Marketing

3. コンサルティング & マーケティング

CheerLatte: CheerDance
CheerLatte: チアダンス
Through CheerLatte, we support the Cheer Dance industry, through classes, events, informations, and associated clothing and equipment. Our CheerLatte classes are a sports program for young girls that teaches social, leadership, and confidence skills. Come out and see us!
CheerLatte: Retail
CheerLatte: 小売
We provide well known, and custom Branded Merchandise and Apparel for personal, professional, and organization needs and integrated event support and consulting.
CheerLatte: Marketing
CheerLatte: マーケティング
We provide feedback and exposure of your product and service to our growing base of family, industry participants, and connected universities.

How we work

The process of figuring out a projects always begins with an initial conversation, so that we can get a clear understanding of your goals and/or your brands needs. Finding the right fit for your project can be complicated, we are hear to make this as simple as possible.


1. Define Projectプロジェクトゴールの設定
Let us know what you want to accomplish. Let us know if you would like us to provide our insight. プロジェクトで達成したいことを教えて下さい。我々のインサイトも、必要でしたらご提供します。
2. Execute Project プロジェクトの遂行
Provide deposit to get the ball rolling. All other payments are milestone based so we bill after we have delivered. プロジェクトをスタートさせるため、着手金をお支払い頂きます。それ移行のお支払いに関しては、マイルストーンベースで納品ごとにお支払い頂きます。
3. Finalization of Deliverables 最終納品
A finale review of the project would conclude most arrangements. Here we are able to distinguish ourselves by providing post project support to increase your chances of success. 最終的なサービス提供を完了した後、ご一緒にレビューをおこなって頂き、納品完了となります。この後も我々は、御社の更なるビジネス拡大のためのアフターサポートを提供します。



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